Design Engineering & Consulting
Design Engineering & Consulting
DNB prides itself on testing clients' devices thoroughly, however, that's only half of the equation. We're also experts at providing insightful cost-effective engineering and design solutions after a problem is detected. In fact, many of our clients get DNB involved at the very beginning of any new design process. They have found it much more cost effective to anticipate and correct design flaws at the very beginning.
Design Consulting & Engineering
DNB Provides A Full Range Of Customized
Engineering And Design Services

  • Full Specification Development
  • Pre-Build Design Advice
  • Design Review
  • Circuit Board Layout
  • Production Engineering Test Plans & Procedures
  • EMC Control Plans
  • Problem Analysis
  • MTBF Analysis
  • Work-Arounds

Design and Prototyping Also Available
  • EMI Filter Assemblies
  • Antennas
  • LISN - Line Impedance Stabilization Network

DNB will work closely with you to solve problems and to facilitate the entire design, evaluation, test and approval process.

Please call (714) 870-7781 for a free initial consultation


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