Large Mode Tuned Chamber
Radiated Susceptibility Testing

DNB Engineering now has a dedicated, uniquely plated, Mode Tuned Chamber to aid in the generation of extremely HIGH (up to 14,000 V/m) Radiated Susceptibility field strength levels in accordance with multiple industry specifications for both Commercial and Military applications.
We have made significant progress in the chamber and the associated 10 KW TWT Amplifiers from 1GHz to 18GHZ in order to provide timely test programs to satisfy industry demand.

  • 10 KW TWT Amplifiers
  • RTCA DO-160 Rev. A-G, Category G & L Cert Levels (7200 V/m) PM (up to 40 µs pulse widths)
  • Computer Automated Testing
  • Large Uniform Field Test Area
    (18’W x 11’L x 9’H )


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Large Mode Tuned Chamber
30’ X 25’ X 14’
Single and Double Door Openings
Horizontal and Vertical
Stirring Paddles
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