Industry Updates
DNB develops unique 1,000 Amp Line Impedance
Stabilization Network (LISN)

Electrical data

  • Inductance:  5 uh
  • Resistance:  0.45 mOhms
  • RF coupling capacitor:  0.1 uF
  • Power dissipation at 1000 amps:   450 W
  • Cooling fans (2):  115Vac


Mechanical data

  • Dimensions:  32" x 16" x 16"
  • Weight:  92 lbs
  • Terminals:  3/4-16 thread
  • Lugs size:  3/4"
  • Fully ventilated cabinet
  • 1/4" thick aluminum baseplate


Industry Updates

DNB develops RS105 Test Capability

This difficult and challenging MIL-STD 461 susceptibility test generates a simulated electromagnetic pulse with a peak field strength of 50,000 V/m.

It’s used to verify the ability of an equipment under test (EUT) to withstand a transient electromagnetic field associated with a nuclear detonation. This test may be applicable to equipment and subsystem enclosures when the equipment or subsystem is located externally to a hardened (shielded) platform or facility in vehicles, on board ships and aircraft.

Industry Updates

DNB Expands

DNB has expanded! In response to industry demand, we have increased our capacity significantly in our EMC and Environmental test areas. In our new 28,000 square foot, facility we have installed 9 new EMI chambers. And the centerpiece of our new facility is our LARGE (30’ x 25’ x 14’) Mode Tuned Chamber and associated 10KW TWT Amplifies, which can produce field strengths up to 10,000 V/m. We also have six 20’x 20’s , one 20’ x 24’, and one 24’ x 30’ chamber.
We have also significantly increased our capacity in our Environmental test area. Our new facility increases our capabilities in the areas of Temperature, Humidity, Salt Spray, Altitude, Decompression, Vibration, and Shock testing.


Industry Updates
DNB Offers 7,200 V/m (PM) Radiated Susceptibility Testing
DNB Engineering now offers a dedicated, uniquely plated, Mode Tuned Chamber to aid in the generation of extremely HIGH Radiated Susceptibility field strength levels, in accordance with multiple industry specifications for both Commercial and Military applications. We have made a significant investment in this chamber and its associated 10 KW TWT Amplifiers, from 1 GHz to 18 GHz, in order to satisfy industry demand.

Mode Tuned Chambers
  • 10 KW TWT Amplifiers 1 GHz to 18 GHz
  • RTCA DO-160F Category G & L Cert Levels (7,200 V/m) PM
    (up to 40 µs pulse widths)
  • Computer Automated Testing
  • Large Uniform Field Test Area (15’W x 12’L x 10’H

Industry Updates
DNB Now Offers Direct Strike Lightning Capability
DNB Engineering offers you a full-service Direct Effect Lightning test facility in the heart of Southern California. Our custom built, state-of-the-art equipment generates all of the waveforms necessary to meet today’s stringent testing standards.

Click for more information: Lighting
Industry Updates

DNB Featured on the History Channel
DNB Engineering was featured on the History Channel show Modern Marvels. The episode was entitled “MOST SHOCKING”, which overviewed the benefits and dangers of HIGH VOLTAGE electricity. Our segment involved a discussion of our lightning test capabilities and the need to test aircraft components for lightning susceptibility.

Modern Marvels
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