Programs & Industries

DNB Engineering Inc. has been a part of just about every major Military and Aerospace programs in the last 30 years. When the requirements are difficult and you need a test lab that has the experience and expertise to get you through the requirements, DNB Engineering Inc. is your answer. Commercial programs such as 787, A380, and Hawker Horizon, Military programs such as F 22, F 35 JSF and B 2 are just a few examples of programs customers have entrusted to us.


F14, F15, F16, F18, F22, F35 JSF, F111, F117, B1, B2,  B-52m, JSTARS, AC-130H, A-10, AH64 APACHE, RAH66 Comanche, AWACS, C-17, CK-10, CK-46, KC-130, P3, E2C, V-22 OSPREY, X-45, AMRAAM, AIM9, AIM9X, HARPOON, RAM, and more.


737, 747, 757, 767, 777, 787, 737Max, A300 / A310, A320, A330 / A340, A350, A380, Bombardier C series (CRJ), Embraer ERJ (Legacy), Learjet 70, 75, Challenger 650, Gulfstream G500, 550, 600, 650, Cessna (Various), Bell, Sikorski, Eurocopter, Hawker Horizon, Citation, Mustang, Space Shuttle, International Space Station, Spaceship One, Satellites and more.


Computers, Modems, Cell Phones, Amplifiers, Labelers, Scanners, Analyzers, Life Support Monitoring, Appliances, Tools, Power Supplies, Converters, Transformers, Composite Materials, Automotive (GM, Ford, Chrysler, Honda, Nissan, Toyota, etc) and more..


RTCA DO-160, Section 22, Section 23, SAE ARP5412, ARP5413, ARP5414, ARP5415, ARP5416, SAE AE4L, MIL-STD-1757 (T01, T02, T03, T04, T05), EUROCAE ED-14D, ED-105, AC/AMJ20-53B, AS5830, Near Strike Lightning, High Voltage Waveforms (1000kV/µs rise time, 50 x 250 µs rise time, 1.2 x 50 µs rise time)

Please give us a call, if specific regulations are not listed here.

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