Direct Lightning Strike


Have you ever wonder what would happen if you got hit by a lightning strike? Well, check out what happens when we hit a mannequin with a simulated lightning strike at 75,000 volts & 200,000 amps in our Lightning lab!

A human hit by lightning would not have the exact same outcome as this fiber glass mannequin but you get an idea of how powerful a lightning strike can be. This brief video clip was recorded on a cell phone so our apologies on the shaking of the camera. We will post the video from an HD camera as soon as we can.

DNB Engineering offers a full-service Direct Effect Lightning test facility in the heart of Southern California. Our custom built, state-of-the-art equipment generates all of the waveforms necessary to meet today’s stringent testing standards. DNB has been the industry’s leading expert in Induced Effects Lightning Testing for more than 25 years. We have now taken all of that expertise and developed a Direct Effect Lightning capability.

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