Environmental tESTING

Wide range of environmental conditions simulation:

dynamics, climatic, acoustics, halt/Hass


Environmental testing is the measurement of the performance of equipment under specified environmental conditions to prove product reliability and safe operation. DNB  offers extensive capabilities to perform a complete range of Environmental tests varieties of industries:

  • Military

  • Aerospace

  • Industrial

  • Commercial

DNB has extensive experience and specialized in testing:

  • LRU's
  • Electronic Components
  • Connectors
  • Sub-Assemblies
  • Missile Electronics
  • Ordnance
  • Avionics
  • Sub-Systems
  • Transport
  • Components
  • Medical Devices
    • most classes

DNB is certified to test devices in accordance with: 

  • RTCA/DO-160
  • MIL-STD-810
  • MIL-STD-202 (or Equivalent Commercial Specifications)
  • EIA-364
  • DSCC Approved *
    * DNB is a Defense Supply Center, Columbus (DSCC) approved lab, and is on the DSCC Laboratory Suitability List.

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  • Vibration

  • Shock

  • Acceleration

  • Transportation Vibration


  • Altitude
  • Humidity Testing
  • Salt Spray
  • Hail Impact Testing
  • Icing
  • Waterproofness
  • Thermal shock
  • Temperature
  • High / Low Temperature
  • Vacuum
  • Sand & Dust
  • Wind
  • Settling Dust
  • Solar Radiation
  • Explosive Atmosphere 


Product Life Cycle Testing (Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing & Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) to help customers improve product reliability.



Acoustic Noise

This test is conducted to measure how well a piece of equipment will withstand or operate in intense acoustic noise fields.

  • Acoustic Noise Testing
  • Acoustic Immunity Testing

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