when your testing needs require prompt attention, unmatched EMC and environmental testing capabilities, engineering savvy, come try us out 

DNB Engineering Inc. has been a part of different programs and industries for over 40 years. When the requirements are difficult, and you need a test lab that has the experience and expertise to get you through, DNB Engineering Inc. is your answer. Most successful technology companies from the Military, Aerospace, Automotive, and Commercial industries, rely on us for competent, timely testing services. Our engineering knowledge always in hand to develop a solution that fits the reality experienced by our customers to complete the most challenging project.

DNB offers our customers a "One-Stop-Shop" for qualification testing and certification needs


DNB is a full-service test lab and World Leader and recognized expert in Military and Defense certification testing. Our capabilities are designed to deliver a full range of services to meet the most demanding testing needs.


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DNB offers high-performance EMC testing and validation programs for Aerospace, Aviation, and Aviation electronic systems.

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DNB offers accredited EMC testing solutions according to Automotive standards. The reliability, safety, and electromagnetic compatibility of vehicles' electrical and electronic components.


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DNB  has been working with all the major testing bodies globally for 40 years. We have close working relationships with UL, CSA, TUV, NEMKO, and others.

DNB provides a full range of CE Mark product safety consulting and testing to meet the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive (LVD), Medical and Machinery Directives.

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