DNB Fullerton, California - H.Q. Facility

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Corporate H.Q. EMC/EMI, HIRF, RF, Indirect Lightning, Environmental Testing Services for Aerospace, Commercial and Military Industries.

Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) Qualification Testing and Engineering Services. Mode Tuned Chambers for High-Intensity Radiated Field (HIRF) Testing, Environmental Testing, Indirect Effect Lightning, and more for your qualifications needs. 

Corporate Headquarters is home to both our engineering and management staff. We offer Engineering and Consulting services in a design capability and also as a remediation resource. We not only assist you when problems arise during testing, but we can also work with you in the design phase to eliminate problems before testing starts.

This facility is capable of providing services such as:

10  EMI Chambers

- One 30’ x 25’ x 14’  
- One 12’ x 12’ x 10’

Expanded Environmental Testing Area

  • Shock
  • Vibration
  • Temperature
  • Thermal Shock
  • Humidity
  • Altitude 500K Feet
  • Waterproofness
  • Thermal Vacuum
  • Acceleration
  • Acoustics
  • Salt Spray
  • Solar Radiation
  • Sand and Dust
  • Icing
  • Hail
  • Rain / Blowing Rain
  • Wind
  • Fluid Susceptibility
  • Explosive Atmosphere

   and MORE……..

Indirect Effects Lightning 

  • RTCA/DO-160, Section 22 / EUROCAE ED-14D
  • AC/AMJ20-53B, SAE AE4L, SAE AE2
  • SAE ARP5412 & ARP5416 compliant
  • LC1027 (PMG Listing Criteria for Multi-Layer, Conductive, Jacketed, Corrugated Stainless Steel Tubing)

The laboratory is accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2017 by NVLAP (Lab Code: 200653-0).

Corporate Headquarters
DNB Engineering, Inc
1750 Raymer Ave
Fullerton, CA 92833
Phone: 714-888-0010