HALT & HASS Testing

DNB offers HALT & HASS testing and consulting to help customers to discover design flaws by exposing the product to combined thermal, vibration, voltage stresses, and product life cycles.

HALT (Highly Accelerated Lifecycle Testing) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screening) methods can be used in a variety of industries, including electronics, computers, medical, aerospace, and military, and help to identify weaknesses in design or production. Both HALT and HASS are important testing methods to use before a product has been introduced into the market. The benefit of these methods for the customer is the ability to achieve stress level results quicker than with conventional environmental test methods.

What are HALT and HASS?

HALT, or Highly Accelerated Life Testing, is a testing process often known as Destruct Testing. During the HALT test, components and assemblies are subjected to rapid temperature ramp rates and six-axis random vibration stresses, which gradually increase until there is a failure. This failure is identified as a weak point in the design or material used. Once identified, product and material changes can be rugged into the product to improve overall quality. Often, these changes will improve the overall design and reduce the time spent in the development phase of the product lifecycle, effectively speeding the product’s time-to-market.

HASS, or Highly Accelerated Stress Screening, is a testing process that is performed on components and finished assemblies. HASS tests do not stress products to their destruct point. Instead, HASS testing identifies the upper and lower operational range of a product and allows for the opportunity to increase the operational range well beyond the product’s expected lifetime operational stresses.

How can we help you?

DNB Engineering, Inc. uses the environmental chamber with the ability to combine both temperature and random vibration inputs.

HALT/HASS Chamber Capabilities:

  • Temperature Range -100°C to +200°C (-148°F to +392°F)
  • Temperature Ramp Rates Greater than 70°C/min (158°F/min)
  • Vibration Levels 1-50 GRMS
  • Six degrees of freedom
  • Table Size 36 x 30 inch (76 x 76 cm)
  • Workspace Dims 42 x 42 x 40 inch (91 x 91 x 104 cm)
  • Outside dims 8’x 8’ x 8’ (20 x 20 x 20 cm)
  • Maximum payload 600 lbs (284 kg)
  • Five temperature monitors  for customers use
  • Five Accelerometers for customer use/monitoring

DNB’s experienced engineers will provide full support, quick setup, and running HALT & HASS tests on your product to get fast results. Our goal is to help customers to bring their products of world-class quality to market in the shortest possible time at the least cost.

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