Vibration testing

Vibrations exist in almost all environments, and very often, it is an undesirable phenomenon. Mostly every industry and electronics manufacturers require to perform vibration testing and reveal design weaknesses that would become apparent during product use. 

Vibration testing helps manufacturers to ensure the quality, reliability, and durability of complete products and their components.  DNB Engineering, Inc. has a variety of vibration testing methods that can examine the response of a device to a certain vibration environment. 

DNB offers: 

  • Fixture Survey 
  • Sine Sweep Vibration Testing
  • Sine Dwell Vibration Testing
  • Random Vibration Testing
  • Sine on Random Testing
  • Windmilling Vibration Testing
  • Gunfire Vibration Testing
  • Cargo & Transportation Vibration

DNB's Vibration Testing Capabilities: 

  • Size: Slip table 24''x24'' ; Head Expander 24'' diameter 
  • Range: 5 Hz to 3000 Hz, Lower HZ possible with small loads
  • Range #2: slip table & 50 lb: Max Sine = 22G Max; Shock 30G 11ms
  • Rate: Max Sine = 60G;  Max Shock 35G 11ms

DNB has the capability of running tests according to the following standards:

Large and heavy test articles

For large and, or heavy test articles, vibration systems can be used in the “Dual-Shaker” mode and provide a combined 80,000LBF at our partner's Experior Laboratories, Inc., facility.  Custom-made vibration fixtures and slip plates allow testing parts of almost any shape and size.

DNB Engineering, Inc. and Experior Laboratories, Inc. have partnered with the mutual goal of offering the most comprehensive overall service portfolio and generating a substantial impact on strategic proposals. This partnership promises to provide a superior client experience to our customers within the Aerospace, Military, Automotive, Telecommunication, and Medical industries. View complete press release.

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